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In 2022, we generated sustainable value with supplier companies

We continue to apply the Supplier Code of Conduct

In 2022, we continued implementing our Supplier Code of Conduct, with which ISA and its companies ratify their commitment to comply with and promote environmental, social, and corporate governance criteria throughout their value chain.

Some of the highlights of the 2022 actions

Some of the results we highlight


The ISA Group’s Supplier Information System is managed by PAR SERVICIOS INTEGRALES S.A., leader of UNION TEMPORAL PAR UNILINK, hired by ISA to manage and operate the system, which includes three processes:

For its procurement plan, ISA has established classification criteria so that registered suppliers can be pre-qualified in different categories of goods and services. This is our source of information when requesting bids, according to the procedures stipulated in our procurement regulations.

To strengthen our alliances and to ensure that the procurement processes is based on the development of fair, trustworthy relationships, ISA has created several transparent, flexible processes for the acquisition of goods and services.

Here, current and potential suppliers can find Agreement 108, which contains detailed information about the contractual regime applied:

Procurement Rules:

Complementing Agreement 108

1. Corporate Occupational Health And Safety Policy:

Suppliers contribute to our commitment to protect and preserve the health and safety of our employees and the people who interact with us.

2. Corporate Environmental Policy:

We work together to protect and preserve the environment. This is why we manage natural resources, impacts, and risks responsibly, ensuring that our processes and operations are consistent with sustainable development.

3. Agreement 74 of December 19, 2008:

ISA adopted the Manual on Prevention of Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism (SIPLA).

4. Institutional Guide 218 of December 21, 2016:

ISA defines criteria and methodologies to manage the performance of suppliers and contractors during the procurement, execution, and termination of the contracts.

To clarify the guidelines for handling these issues, ISA also makes available the Suppliers’ HSE Manual.

Advisory on suppliers’ safety, occupational health, and environmental management

ISA is committed to the well-being and safety of its suppliers, conservation of the environment, and compliance with its institutional policies. To accomplish this, ISA has a mechanism in place to manage the review of requirements and advise its suppliers on compliance thereof.

This communication tool is available at, or HSE audit/ work supervision in the case of construction projects.

Legal Requirements

ISA is committed to comply with the current legislation. Attached is a summary of the legal requirements on safety, occupational health, and environmental management issued by the Colombian authority in 2015 and 2016.

Seguridad, Salud en el trabajo y gestión ambiental

ISA set up a set of interrelated elements whereby the company seeks to generate a culture of prevention, application of the current regulation, and control of Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism activities.

This way, ISA demonstrates its commitment to the observance of ethical and legal principles on business achievements.

ISA guarantees quality during the acquisition of goods and services, trusting in the high standards of its suppliers. This is how ISA develops its procurement processes:

  • If there is a significant number of certified suppliers for the purchase, ISA will demand the Quality Assurance Certificate as a requirement for participation.
  • If there is not a significant number of certified suppliers, whoever is responsible for managing the purchase will demand the quality assurance requirement according to the information available in the market.
  • When the contract object includes the acquisition of goods and services, ISA may independently specify the level of quality assurance requirements for goods and services.

Public request for bids

We refer to quality assurance in the chapters of standard documents, where we expect to define the requirements for participation and the conditions for submission of bids.

For the acquisition of goods and services regarding our Energy Transmission business unit, we demand the Quality System Certificate from suppliers

Criteria for acceptance of proposals:

  • If the Quality System Certificate is required to participate in the public request for bids
  • If the Quality System Certificate or the Quality Profile are requested to participate in the private request for bids or direct request

ISA believes in the benefits of feedback and dialogue to identify improvement opportunities, increase satisfaction levels, and ensure continuity in the delivery of its services.

The supplier performance qualification and evaluation seeks to:

  • Promote a positive attitude and permanent communication with our suppliers.
  • Manage enough information to observe, confirm, and increase our confidence in the capacity of our suppliers to meet the needs regarding the goods and services required by our Energy Transmission business unit.
  • Ensure the continuous improvement of our suppliers and an effective relationship throughout the supply chain.
Con la calificación y evaluación del desempeño de nuestros proveedores, buscamos:

According to our policies, we require the corresponding guarantees and insurances on the object of the contracts, in order to transfer risks which direct control is the responsibility of the supplier.

In the procurement processes, ISA will identify the risks relevant to the object and scope of the contracts:

  • For identified risks, ISA will determine the maximum values of losses as per the type of contract, which may emerge if such risk situations arise.
  • ISA will define adequate policies subject to the limits and sublimits to be contracted or requested according to the stage of the procurement process, based on the guide, to determine guarantees and insurance for each type of contract.
  • The issuance of policies that are enforceable against the supplier must comply with the requirements specified in the guide to determine guarantees and insurance for each type of contract.
  • ISA will accept policies upon revision of the original documents issued by the insurance company and upon compliance with the conditions provided, as per the guide for reviewing guarantees and insurances.
  • Additional clauses that modify the main contract term or value will result in the extension of the term or the insured amount of policies. The original documents of the guarantees, as well as the insurance policies (whenever possible), will be part of the contract documentation that must be filed in the locations intended for such purpose by our Documentary Management.
  • Policy information will be recorded in the SAP Integrated Information System in the module provided for this purpose.
  • ISA will manage the policies so that their validity and coverage can be guaranteed with accuracy and timeliness.
  • The supplier will be in charge of any extension or addition to the guarantees and insurance policies required according to the contract needs; unless the extension or addition do not arise from causes attributable to the supplier. In this case, the accrued costs will be reimbursed by ISA in Colombian pesos.
  • The guarantees and insurance policies are incidental to the contract and are constituted without prejudice to the fulfillment of all the obligations arising thereof. They will not be cancelled without ISA’s written authorization.
  • In the case of Temporary Joint Ventures or Consortiums, guarantees and insurance policies must include all members of such association. Likewise, the business name or corporate name of the policyholder(s) must be correctly registered.
  • The guarantees must be issued by entities legally incorporated in Colombia. These guarantees must be issued to private entities or private individuals. The form and content of these guarantees must be satisfactory to us. In certain cases, the bank guarantee issued by a national or international bank authorized by ISA may also be accepted as a guarantee.

The guarantees and insurance policies usually required by ISA, depending on the type of contract and its conditions, are the following:

  • Bid bond
  • Advanced payment bond
  • Performance bond
  • Wage, social benefits, and compensation bond
  • Quality assurance of service and/or study compliance bond
  • Quality assurance and correct operation and supply of spare parts & accessories, work stability bond
Insurance policies:
  • Insurance for transport of goods
  • Insurance for elements supplied by us
  • Extra-contractual civil liability insurance
  • Comprehensive, assembly & construction insurance
  • Automotive liability insurance
  • Compulsory Traffic Accident Insurance (SOAT)
  • Contractual civil liability insurance
  • Insurance as per Decree 356 of 1994 of the Ministry of Defense


ARIBA is the largest trade network in the world. ARIBA connects more than one million companies and automates business transactions of goods and services for more than USD 500 billion per year.

ARIBA’s platform is cloud-based, which allows buyers and sellers to put together and execute business transactions quickly and efficiently.

As ISA supplier, you can use ARIBA to connect with profitable clients and efficiently make progress in your existing relationships. Get to know it. All our subsidiaries use this tool.

Benefits of ARIBA:


An email confirmation will be sent to validate the username registered in PAR SERVICIOS and authorized for the ARIBA platform. In case you don’t see this email in your inbox, check your spam folder.

Please note that this message contains a link to enter the platform, which is only valid once.

To access the event again, please click on the following link.

Log in as a supplier with your username and password.

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You can find the events to which you have been invited in the “EVENTS” section, “OPEN” status, and in blue.

For more information, please check the platform’s user manuals.

We suggest you to enter the platform immediately after receiving the invitation to the event.

This way you can validate the access, explore it, and express additional doubts before the event is closed.

If you have any problem that cannot be solved with the manual, please send an email to the “Category Manager” who made the invitation to the procurement process. The email subject explaining the situation should be as follows:

Ariba-Soporte a Proveedor-DOCxxxx [Ariba-Supplier Customer Service-DOCxxxx]

xxxx is the sourcing event code, which is located at the top of the ARIBA platform.


Our procurement processes are based on a centralized, shared methodology where our suppliers benefit from a model that receives constant feedback and is constantly evolving and innovating, guaranteeing transparency in all the stages of the procurement cycle.

First level team accompanying the best procurement practices for ISA and its companies

Gabriel Melguizo Posada
Chief Energy Transmission
Luis Alfonso Naranjo
Corporate Procurement Director ISA
Ángela Ruiz
Procurement Specialist ISA


When developing goods and services procurement processes, ISA seeks to fulfill different objectives with the companies previously registered in the Information System:


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We currently have no open public procurement processes.

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We foster relationships with suppliers based on mutual respect, equality, and transparency, avoiding any type of improper or fraudulent treatment.

The Group’s consultation and reporting channels of the ETHICS and Compliance Program are available to suppliers.